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    Welcome to the website of trained performer Jessica Hernandez. Fuelled by a passion for acting, storytelling and clowning, Jessica Hernandez is on an exciting journey to explore how these three disciplines interrelate and inspire each other

  • About Jessica

    I am a keen and trained performer as well as an Artistic workshop leader. I am intrigued by the constant switch between the role of the learner and the role of the teacher. I work out of the experience that these two roles have engaging similarities! As someone who is fluent in six languages, I can cater to a global range of customers. My inspiration in life comes from my family and my hobbies, including running and singing, as well as this quote:


    “Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being,

    and he is only fully a human being when he plays.”

    Friedrich Schiller

  • Commitment

    As a multilingual professional, I am able to perform and teach in six languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Swiss-German and Luxembourgish and here’s what you can always expect from me:


    Prompt and professional replies to your phone or email enquiries


    Performances and workshops which are tailored to your needs


    Professional rates in line with Equity engagement fees for performers

  • Performance

    Engaging with your inner clown can be a fun and inspirational journey of self-discovery. In a Nose to Nose – led clowning workshop, we warm up with games before moving on to improvisations with and without the red nose. The red nose, the smallest mask in the world, is the mask that unmasks. What better way to celebrate all the little wobbles, accidents and insecurities in life than by jumping right in! In clowning, we embrace the unexpected and welcome everything that emerges. As well as regularly co-facilitating week-long Nose to Nose clowning courses in the UK and Europe, I specialize in shorter clowning workshops for people with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems or those suffering from dementia. I frequently offer clowning sessions in companies to boost team building and works with teachers, doctors, carers and other mad hatters. I have also been touring my one woman storytelling shows since 2006.


    I often perform in local theaters, schools, libraries, nursing homes as well as care centres for the learning disabled. I rarely uses props or fancy costume – I bring all of the story characters to life by changes in body and voice and rarely use props or fancy costumes, thereby actively engaging the audience’s imagination. My tours often take her back to her native country of Luxembourg, where I love telling stories in Luxembourgish. My most recent shows include a selection of the Grimm’s fairy tales, “The Little Mermaid” by H.C. Andersen, as well as a selection of stories from “Winnie the Pooh” by A.A. Milne. The stories are always told in their original (sometimes cut) version, making the performances an ideal event for book festivals, schools and libraries.

  • Services

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    Acting & Storytelling

    From my extensive experience with performing and touring theatrical shows for children and young adults, I have learned how hard it can be to please a young audience! By using every acting 'trick of the trade' to make stories and their characters come to life (without any technical aids), I can vividly engage the children's power of imagination to create unforgettable and often first-time theatrical experiences.

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    As a Nose to Nose - trained Clowning Workshop facilitator, I have worked with doctors and nurses, teachers and have shared many a laugh with groups of people with learning disabilities and/or mental illness. Clowning workshops are also a hugely fun and powerful team-building activity for any group or company. I provide a safe working environment in which we can discover our inner clowns by celebrating our insecurities and practicing openness and spontaneity through improvisation and play.

  • Experience and Training

    Nothing beats practical experiences!


    Storytelling Tour, Fearnot, Jessica Hernandez


    Storytelling Tour, A Christmas Carol, Jessica Hernandez


    2012, Storytelling Tour, 3 Fairytales by the Grimm Brothers, Jessica Hernández


    Storytelling Tour, The Little Mermaid (Déi Kleng Mierjoffer), Jessica Hernández


    Theatre, Caz, Love Song in Sixteen Bars, Colin Garrow, WACtheatre Company


    Musical, Emma, Shhh…the Musical, Dan Greavey&Alison Telfer, Right Here Productions


    Theatre, Someone, No Phones on Planet Pluto, Colin Garrow&Suzanne Enoch, WAC Theatre Company, Colin Garrow&Suzanne Enoch


    2009, Radio, Witch on Trial, Wie Sie Konnten, Sebring, Nicole Regensburger


    Storytelling Tour, Stories from “Winnie the Pooh”, A.A. Milne, Jessica Hernández


    Workshops, Actress & Workshop Facilitator, Échange Theatre Co, Fanny Dulin


    TIE, Various, Meine neue Schwester, Onatti Theatre Company, Andrew Bardwell

    2006 to 08

    Clowning Facilitators Training, Nose to Nose, UK

    2004 to 08

    short courses in Acting for Camera (Actors’ Centre, Barcelona) Clowning (Nose to Nose, England/Laura Asensio Plaza, Aberdeen), Neutral Mask (Philip Beaven, West Sussex)


    TIE, Various, Lumières Caméra Action!, London Production Company, Mark Jowett


    TIE, Various, Richard III/Much Ado/The Tempest, MOPA Theatre Co., Nic Brownlie

    2005 to 06

    Artemis School of Speech and Drama, East Grinstead: LTCL Acting

    2004 to 05

    Artemis School of Speech and Drama, East Grinstead: ATCL Acting

    2002 to 04

    Schule für Sprachgestaltung und Schauspiel, Dornach, Switzerland Experience (Year, Type, Role, Production, Playwright, Company, Director)

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    We’ve just finished our third collaboration between Jessica and Newton Dee with the musical of Aladdin, taken from the Walt Disney film, and it was a great success. Working with Jessica is always a joy and a learning experience. She can get some really amazing performances from our villagers, helping them to sing complicated musical numbers they could never accomplish on their own. And, they always enjoy the experience of being pushed to achieve beyond themselves and produce a performance they never thought they could do. Her principle motto is “Enjoy what you’re doing’, and this motivates the whole cast to really give their all to the group numbers, even with people who haven't sung in a musical before. She is invaluable in carrying the whole singing/speaking side of the show, always showing great enthusiasm and warmth towards all of us that spurs us on to give our best. Her warm-up exercises at the beginning of each rehearsal always get the juices flowing and the tiredness of working all day is thrown aside to achieve full-hearted participation. These three musicals we’ve done, mostly with the villagers in Newton Dee, would not have happened without her.

    Sincerely - Russell Pooler


    Jessica has worked for the past three years for Artsability working with mixed ability groups at several of the Aberdeenshire Day Services. Her improvised games are fun and confidence building, and her scenarios inspire participants to try out their own 'Clowning Moments' in pairs or small groups. Clowning allows a certain freedom of self-expression by just being you, and enjoying taking part, which means that it suits people of all levels of ability. Jessica's stories of Winnie the Pooh' enthrall everyone, who listen wide-eyed with amazement as she brings the characters to life. There is usual as rush from eager group members to take part in the reenactment of her very interactive storytelling.

    Justyne Sirett - Artsability Co-ordinator


    Artsability promotes performance arts opportunities for adults with learning disabilities in Aberdeenshire with training and outreach programmes to suit the needs of the Day Services. Core Drama Group 'Acting Up' lead the annual outreach programme with the various Creative Groups whether it is in Dance, Drama, or Music. Professional Arts and Drama Workers are involved to work on specific projects or performances as required.

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